Audi RS6 C7 Version -1 2013 Front Splitter



  • Ottofix is a company specialized in the making of advanced optical car tuning parts. The producer’s offer is comprised of high-end elements that it a wide array of different vehicle brands. Tuning fans will find many unique splitters, bumpers, side skirts, diffusers, and spoilers here. Thanks to the listed items you will be able to take care of your machine’s aesthetics and aerodynamics at the same time and all by yourself. If you are and Audi RS6 C7 Cowner and you wish to overhaul the visuals of your car you will surely be interested in this V.1 front splitter which sports a stylish form and does not have to be painted prior to its installation.
  • This V.1 front splitter dedicated to Audi RS6 C7/C7 FL is one of the many ABS-made products that we offer. The material is defined by sturdiness, flexibility, and insusceptibility to mechanical and chemical damage. It is also not vulnerable to the harmful influence of moisture and extreme temperatures. Due to these useful characteristics it is so well-suited to be utilized in the production of tuning parts and numerous other essential vehicle outfitting components. The Ottofix front splitter has been given the . It comes fit to be installed right away and it is topped with a coating that secures it against the negative effects of UV radiation.
  • The Audi RS6 C7/C7 FL V.1 front splitter will undoubtedly become an original decoration for your machine. This product causes the bodywork to be lowered visually which results in that sharp racing aesthetic. The element is the most presentable added to side skirts, and matching rear splitters. Thanks to the splitter the airflow under the bumper will exert higher pressure on the front axle, the effect of which will be bolstered traction and stability. The products has 3 version of surface finish to choose from: textured, gloss, and carbon.

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