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The foundation of our story, which dates back to the 1970s, was laid by Mr. Salih. Salih, who is interested in cars, started to sell vehicle spare parts products to large companies in the 1980s, and after a while, he expanded his commercial activities by machining.

Salih's interest in cars continued during his military service, and he was interested in car products after his military service. Salih started to work at the MAN factory, and after a while, he opened his own business by selling automotive products in the domestic market. His growing business over time, his expanding environment and the developments in the world enabled Salih to do his job even more fondly and he handed over his business to the next generations with peace of mind. Following in Salih's footsteps, the second generation carried the business to the international level and increased its brand awareness under the name OttoFix.
It expanded its field of activity in the market by opening a warehouse in England in 2017 and in the Netherlands in 2020. As OttoFix, we sell products to more than 60 countries, increase our customer satisfaction every day, and continue to follow Salih's footsteps.

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