Bmw 1 Series V1 F40 M135I\ M- Sport 2019 Front Splitter



  • The front splitter targeted towards BMW 1 F40 M-Pack/M135I is a Ottofix tuning element made of high-grade ABS plastic. The material used in the production processes of our parts is know for its extraordinary insusceptibility to damage, and the influence of harsh atmospheric conditions – it is characterized by sturdiness, as well as, stand-out flexibility. It works beautifully in the creation of optical tuning components, and also staple vehicle equipment. This front splitter for BMW 1 F40 M-Pack/M135I is a product that will serve you for years without losing its original appearance.

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How does the front splitter aimed at BMW 1 F40 M-Pack/M135I stand apart?
– it’s produced from sturdy ABS
– it bolsters aerodynamics
– it’s UV-secured
– it has heightened moisture resistance


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